An Exciting Cedar Valley Activity for Kids!

Want to do something fun for the weekend with your kids or schedule a birthday party? We have equipment and packages tailored to kids under 11.

No Reservation Required

No Equipment Needed

Low Impact Rounds

No Time Limitations

At KW Paintball, we want everyone to feel included and be involved in the sport. That’s why we provide options for children under 11-years of age. These include GellyBall for ages 5+ and .50 caliber paintball for the transition between GellyBall and the real deal!

Great Outdoor Activity

It can be tough getting kids outdoors these days. Paintball and GellyBall let children play Call of Duty® in real life and gives them the chance to challenge their friends while getting some exercize!

Perfect for Parties

Looking for the best thing to do for your kids upcoming birthday party? Bring them to KW Paintball and host a party that’ll have a lasting impression for your child and their friends. Check out our Group Play page to learn more information on group discounts and reservations.

Safe & Engaging

As a non-contact sport, paintball is one of the safest sports out there. Our staff and referrees make sure kids don’t get too close in a game and ensure masks and barrel blockers are always on at the appropriate times.


GellyBall is an innovate way that bridges the gap between nerf guns and paintball. The gelly balls are soft and small gel balls like Orbeez™ or water beads that can explode on impact. Gelly balls are non-toxic and provide a very low impact, making this perfect for ages 5+.

Low Impact .50-Cal Paintball

For youngsters that are a bit more adventurous and want to play real paintball but aren’t quite ready for the sting of a normal paintball marker, these markers are lighter weight and shoot a smaller paintball. They shoot just as fast as a normal paintball gun but with a much softer impact. Kind of like getting flicked with a finger.

Kids Pricing

These are our standard prices for scheduled groups under 20 people. We will supply you with everything you need at the prices below for both GellyBall and .50 caliber paintballs and rental equipment.

Includes all of the following




1,500 Gelly Balls

**Air Supply Not Required

*Groups of 20 or more are elligible for our group discount. Read more here. Must schedule in advance.

Includes all of the following



Gun & Hopper

Unlimited Air Supply

500 Paintballs

*Groups of 20 or more are elligible for our group discount. Read more here. Must schedule in advance.

500 Rounds

500 paintballs is what comes with our rental package. This lasts the average player a couple of hours.


1,000 Rounds

An extra bag of 500 paintballs for the player who is a bit trigger happy.


2,000 Rounds

The best value. Four bags of 500 rounds for all day fun. If you don’t use all of your paint, you can bring the rest back. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

For us parents, there are a few questions we’re going to have before planning an outting with the kids or rest of the family. Here are a few of the most asked questions we get for our kids activities.

Do Paintballs Hurt?

Standard .68 caliber paintballs don’t necessarily feel good. That’s why we have GellyBall and .50 caliber paintball equipment. .50 Caliber feels like a flick with your fingers while gelly balls are squishy and bouncy.

Can GellyBall players play with .50-cal players?

We do not allow players with different calibers of paintballs to play with each other unless they are using the same type of paintballs and marker. It creates an unfair advantage.

Are paintballs non-toxic?

Yes. Paintballs are made with a type of gelatin from corn starch and food coloring. They are technically edible… but they have an awful taste that’s similar to soap. They’re also biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Does paint come out of clothes?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is as long as the clothes are washed right away. Paintballs are water based and are designed to wash out. The longer a paintball stain soaks into a piece of clothing, the harder it is to remove.

Does food deliver out to the paintball field?

Yes, popular places are Papa John’s and Domino’s. 

Can we bring food and drinks?

Absolutely. Just let us know ahead of time so we can secure a spot for your group to stage if you plan on bringing a fair amount of food and drinks. But please, no grilling. We are liable if anything were to happen.


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