Walk-Ons Welcome

We don’t require reservations to play. If you have your own equipment, great! If not, we will supply you with everything you need to play all day.

No Reservation Required

No Equipment Needed


No Experience Necessary

No Time Limitations

Whether you’re by yourself or with your three friends, we accept all numbers of players during our hours of operation.

No Reservations Needed

When you want to have fun on a weekend in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo area, KW Paintball offers a fun and exciting activity for all ages without the need for a reservation. However, we do appreciate calling ahead to let us know when you plan on coming. That’ll make sure we have equipment and staff ready to help you. Reservations and call aheads get first call on available rental equipment.

Low Impact .50-Cal Paintball

Our .50 caliber paintball rental markers are for those just getting started with paintball and aren’t ready for the full size paintballs, like kids and pre-teens. These paintball markers shoot at the same velocity as the .68 caliber markers but are small enough to not sting or leave a mark. Standard safety equipment is still supplied.

Standard .68-Cal Paintball

The .68 caliber paintball markers are the foundation of the sport. These are what teens, adults, and tournament players use for standard gameplay and tournaments. We recommend wearing a layer or two.

These are our standard prices for scheduled groups under 20 people. We will supply you with everything you need at the prices below for both .50 caliber and .68 caliber paintballs and rental equipment.

.50 Cal Rental Package

Includes all of the following



Gun & Hopper

Unlimited Air Supply

500 Paintballs

*Groups of 20 or more are elligible for our group discount. Read more here. Must schedule in advance.

Standard Rental Package

Includes all of the following



Gun & Hopper

Unlimited Air Supply

500 Paintballs

*Groups of 20 or more are elligible for our group discount. Read more here. Must schedule in advance.

Bring Your Own Equipment

Includes all of the following


Field Entry

Unlimited HPA Tank Refills



*We do not fill CO2 tanks, only high-pressured air (HPA). Paintballs are not included. See below. Field paint only. Buy 1,000 paintballs and get in free!

500 Rounds

500 paintballs is what comes with our rental package. This lasts the average player a couple of hours.


1,000 Rounds

An extra bag of 500 paintballs for the player who is a bit trigger happy.


2,000 Rounds

The best value. Four bags of 500 rounds for all day fun. If you don’t use all of your paint, you can bring the rest back.¬†


Schedule Your Visit Today!

(319) 230-2213

Field Rules

If you’re new to the field, we have a few rules for the safety and enjoyment of everyone playing at KW Paintball.


Field Paint Only

Outside paintballs are strictly prohibited. We cannot control potentially dangerous or hazardous paintballs if they do not come from our field.


Guns Must Be Checked

Any player bringing their own marker must have it chronographed by a KW staff member. All recreational players must chrono under 280fps.


Masks On Inside of Nets

Any time you are inside a net, you must be wearing your mask. We have a ONE warning policy on this. Failure to comply will result in ejection from the field for the weekend without refund.


Barrel Blockers Outside of Nets

All paintball markers MUST have a functional barrel blocker that straps to the rear of the gun or foregrip. Blockers MUST be on at all times outside of the nets. Barrel plugs are not allowed. This is also a ONE warning policy.


Must Fill Out Waiver

Anyone who plans on playing at KW Paintball must fill out a waiver. You can fill out our online waiver here. We also have paper waivers at the field. A current year waiver must be presented EVERY time you come to KW.


Semi-Automatic Markers Only

The vast majority of our players rent equipment from us. If you plan on playing with any rental player, all multi-round burst, automatic, and rebound firing settings are prohibited. “Walking-the-trigger” is also prohibited. One finger. One shot.


No Alcohol or Drugs

We do not allow any player to have alcohol or drugs on the field. We are liable for any problems that may occur as a result. We will remove players from the field if they seem to be under the influence.


No One is Required to Play with You

If you are planning on coming to KW by yourself or with a couple of your friends, be advised, other groups are not required to play with you. If they want to have a good time by themselves, respect that.


1734 West Airline Highway
Waterloo, IA 50701